Thursday, August 8, 2013

Savvy's Quilt

Trying it out on a bed
Twin size quilt, on a queen size bed... for only a moment

The flip side, light quilting only.

Posting a few more shots of the quilt I finished up for Savvy!
I have to say it isn't perfect, all seams do not meet as they were intended too.  The overall effect is still stunning.  I was so ready to be done with this quilt.  I'd been carrying it around in pieces for over a year from house to house to finally home.

Anyhoo-  I'm getting excited for a longarm quilting class I am taking at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival tomorrow with Linda Taylor!  It's a basic longarm class, and I figured even though I haven't ordered a machine yet it would be encouraging, and exciting!  That's what I want: encouragement and excitement.  (Let me be clear universe: excitement does not equal drama for me any longer.)  The excitement of starting something new that feels satisfying to be doing, creating.  That's what I mean.

Thanks for peeking in...


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