Monday, August 19, 2013

Some Finishes...

My new purse, and Giggs of course...

Wide mouth bag, from Noodlehead tutorial

Hello Kitty bag, and tray to collect little bits

Well, I've been sewing up a storm!  It feels so good to sew, to create.  To create pretty items, and useful items.  So please look around, and let me know what you think.  Still in baby steps here, but went wild with the Madras Tote tutorial on the Noodlehead blog.  All of her tutorials are easy to follow. Anna, the blogger, writer, creator of beautiful items on Noodlehead has great picture shots to lead you through to making your own item.  Seriously, sit on the couch or go make something-- your choice.
I know you want to...

First tote from Noodlehead tutorial
2nd tote attempt with variations

Quilt top, adore staring at this.  Calming & beautiful!
The first tote, I used a thick interface, and wish I had not.  Too quilty-ish.   Thinner interface is better.  I figured this out in time for bag number 5!!!  No stabilizer makes a pretty flimsy bag, which is the bag I use with the blue chevrons, that Giggs posed with.  Okay for now, a casual look to be sure.
The quilt top is resting peacefully on top of our guest bed.  It is made from Aneela Hoey's Little Apples fabric.  I had a charm pack, and look what I did.  I ran out to the Lyons Quilt Shop, brand spanking new in Lyons, CO to get the white with red polka dots and turquoise border fabrics.  It seems so serene, I can't believe that I made it.  It stops me short...

Giggs to the right again on top of the wall hanging for my mom's 70th birthday.  In the picture it wasn't quilted yet.  I still need to send it. I want to get the hanging apparatus and include it when I mail this, but I'm waiting to get them on sale.

And last but so not the least...  Violet's bag.  My first project that someone asked me to do and is willing to pay me even!  This is for my friend, Linda's granddaughter, Violet.  Violet is five and needs a school tote bag.  Really hoping the dimensions will work for her.  I did put a divided pocket inside.  
Yay, Linda!!

Violet's Bag

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