Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Still sewing...

 I'm still sewing over here.  There is a blog called:
Quilting is my therapy, and that is so true for me right now.  All this sewing, coming up with & completing projects I find therapeutic.  Soothes me...  This quilt top to the right is my variation from this tutorial at In Color Order by Jeni Baker.  I made it for a total of 48" by 48" because it is going to a baby.  Thinking of backing it with minky, but I'm a bit nervous to do that as I haven't worked with it before, and it sounds like it can be a bit tricky...
The second picture is where all the points meet.  Not half bad, and no getting all uptight involved...
A novelty to be sure, but with sewing I try to know perfection is not my goal.  That handmade (for me) does not, at this time, require the rigor of perfection.  Beauty, yes!  Every seam perfectly aligned, no, it's okay to be a titch off if the overall effect is still- beauty!!
That's where I stand today, I do hope it lasts because usually I am trying to be perfect, and it is sooooo very exhausting!!
To the bottom left is a crib size quilt, that I will add onto in order to enlarge it to closer to twin size for a favorite, much-loved friend.  I actually wanted to do the throw size from this free Star Bright Quilt pattern at Swim Bike Quilt.  Katie Blakesley is another fabulous quilter & blogger!  Anyhoo-  I didn't read carefully, before cutting!!!  and I cut 6" blocks rather than the 9" blocks needed for the throw size (I thought it was too easy).  But, that's just fine, I shall make it work.  I'm thinking of bordering it with a deep red triangular border...  Then I will continue to add on from there.  This is where perfection-not-required really works for me.  In the past, I was really into my penmanship and if I "goofed" I didn't consider it a mistake, I incorporated it into the design.  That habit is serving me well right now.   Thanks for listening....    Liz
P.S.- I added red buttons for eyes to the bluebirds on the wall-hanging to the bottom right!
For my fiancee's daughter's wedding!
Star Bright Quilt from Swim Bike Quilt blog

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