Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What's up over here...

Hellooooo out there....
Linking up with Purse Palooza over at Sew Sweetness!  I made this Go Anywhere Bag from Noodlehead's Pattern Shop. It is a fabulously easy pattern to follow what with inner and exterior pockets, pleats, and magnetic snaps!

I use my Go Anywhere bag, the red one that I've posted about earlier as literally my go anywhere bag.  I can stuff it to the max with knitting, reading, and snacks as needed, or pull out weight for errands and being on the go.  I am a nurse, so I keep my stethoscope in the back pocket so I have it at work, and at home.  I do use it occasionally at home to check blood pressures...

A friend of mine was examining the bag, and commented that it had enough pockets to be a good diaper bag too.

This is the Kate Spain fabric I have to cut into charm squares for the Kate Spain Charm Swap over at Quilts From My Crayon Box.   Follow her blog if you are a Kate Spain fan, as she may do another Kate Spain swap in the spring.

Wanting to cut and mail this by Thursday as I go to visit my family this Friday for a few days.

This is a sneak peak of a mug rug I am making for  a swap on ipernity.com.  I guess Ipernity is similar to flickr, but with a different supposedly more friendly layout...
Anyway, just practicing with color combos, stitching, and making an impact in a small space!

Hoping I have identified what my partner will appreciate from looking at her prior posts and a mosaic she made of mug rugs she appreciates.

FYI- I sent my Swoon quilt off to be quilted!

Below are several purchases, but not all that I've made in the past two weeks.  The one to the left is from Joann's and Pink Castle Fabric's.  I bought fabric to make the Figure Eight Scarf by Anna Marie Horner from Pink Castle- I'm just trying to decide if I want it as wide as the pattern suggests...

Looking forward to trying the Vera Bag as reviewed from the Sew Sweetness Purse Palooza.  I've got some fabric in mind.

These additional fabric purchases at the end are mostly to contribute to the low-volume quilt I am working on.
Still sewing over here, hope you are too!

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