Thursday, February 27, 2014

Squeezed some in here & there...

Well, it's been a bit since I've been on here...  That would be changing jobs, and taking time to balance my new job responsibilities while I learn an entirely new way of nursing.  From the hospital to home care is a major change people!  Expectations, time commitment, creating relationships with new colleagues and clients.  I've been tired, and finding it difficult to get to sew.  Let me say, that sewing is therapeutic for me, so not sewing has not been good for me.
I've squeezed some in here & there:

For do. Good Stitches Humility Circle that I participate in we have completed and sent two quilts up to the reservation since November!  The January block is below, and we utilized this tutorial: Freshly Pieced Ribbon Star Block Tutorial

I participated in the first Kate Spain Charm Swap on Flickr in the fall.  My charms sat all wilting, and needed to be sewn together!  It was sad.  So I spread them out to look & discover how to, what to do with them all.  I decided I did not want to cut them any smaller so each fabric could be happily seen.  So, in keeping with that decision I sewed them together in blocks of 4.  This is what I've got so far.

The swap on Flickr included Kate Spain fabrics from all of her collections excluding holiday collections.  I then purchased the Sunnyside Jelly Roll from a cute little Etsy shop: Handmade is Heartmade.  Thinking I will frame each block of four in white possibly, and then frame all of those in with another solid color.  After that I will use the jelly roll as an additional mixed up lovely border.

Also have gotten started on two blocks of the month:

So far, I had issues with the Sugar Block February BOM, I haven't completed January yet.  My seams are like 1/8" as the points of the diamond squares would have all been cut off, that was a bit depressing to me...  I'm not clear on what I did incorrectly, and haven't received great feedback on the flickr group site... I surely don't want to be wasting that gorgeous Tula Pink fabric!
The Vice Versa BOM is 2 blocks- one set of directions to make the block, and then the inverse of the block.  Easy, clear directions with an excellent result.  Gives me faith, especially after the failure the Sugar Block turned out to be...
There's more, but I've got to get going.
I sent a quilt off to be longarmed by Abby at Latimer Lane.  YAY!!


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