Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happened Upon Some Sewing

Introducing Oakley’s Lonestar Quilt!

Love My Oakley
It really is a Navy Blue, not as bright as this pic depicts

So, Oakley is my fabulously brilliant 21-year-old son.  For his birthday I made him this quilt.  Of course completion was past his birthday date, but I'm okay with that.

I saw this quilt here on Karamat Sews and followed her link to an additional inspiration on flickr.  Utilizing Better Off Thread's Scrappy Lone Star Quilt Tutorial: Part 1 it all came together.  When I sent the inspiration photos to Oakley he thought it would look cool with an additional star in the upper right corner, so voila- 2 lonestars!!!

Then to get even cooler than collaborating with my son on a quilt design, I utilized fabrics from the original quilt I made him for his first birthday! 
As you can see it has been well loved.  There is barely any batting left in this quilt and he has outgrown blankie size.  I used the same navy-blue planet fabric and green fabric that I'd kept all these years, which is a miracle that it made it through the Great Purge of 2012.    I stuck with the same inspiration- boy & outer space though updated to man and a more subtle planetary theme.

Upper right star as requested by Oakley

Now, it is getting it's final wash & dry before sending it off to him.  He was in Colorado just a few days ago and he said it was "Perfect", as I was stating its imperfections.  I'm going with perfection then- from a mother, and received by a grateful son.

My heart melts with the addition of fabrics used on his very 1st quilt

The back

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